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New Products
SPB Breakers offers improved availability for new Systems Pow-R Breakers (SPB) factory direct from Eaton Corporation.
All factory new breakers are thoroughly tested and include with Eaton warranty.

We offer reconditioning of existing SPB breakers and reconditioning with core exchange.
All reconditioned breakers are thoroughly tested and include a 1-year warranty

Non-Automatic Switch (SPBN)

Switch Poles
3 Pole | 4 Pole

Mounting Connection Details (Systems Pow-R Breaker can be supplied in either the fixed or drawout mounting
Fixed Mounted, Front Connection | Fixed Mounted, Rear Connection
Drawout Through the Door | Drawout Behind the Door

Breaker Operation
Manual Operation | Electric Operation

Trip Unit
Digitrip RMS 510 |Digitrip RMS 610| Digitrip RMS 810
Digitrip RMS 910 | OPTIM 750 | OPTIM 1050

Trip Unit Functions—LI, LSI, LS, LSG & LSIG

Modifications and Accessories
Shunt Trip | Auxiliary switch (4A/4B) | Undervoltage release (instantaneous)
Spring release solenoid With anti-pump relay or Without anti-pump relay
Bell alarm (OTS) | Cover for close Pushbutton | Padlockable push-to-open
Kirk Key | Cable Interlock

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