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New Products
SPB Breakers offers improved availability for new Systems Pow-R Breakers (SPB), trip unit upgrades, and renewal and replacement parts factory direct from Eaton Corporation. SPB Breakers can provide shorter lead times because we stock many of the high-demand components and replacement parts required for supporting the installed base of SPB Breakers.
All SPB Breakers and components are backed by the Eaton factory warranty.
We offer 3 and 4 pole breakers:
Interrupting Ratings
50 kA, 65 kA
100 kA (standard)
150 kA

Reconditioning of installed circuit breakers can provide a cost-effective way to maintain reliable equipment. We offer reconditioning of existing SPB breakers and reconditioning with core exchange. All reconditioned breakers are thoroughly tested and include a 1-year warranty.

Technology Upgrades
SPB breakers include trip unit upgrades. The latest technology permits significant improvements to be realized in improved coordination and protection, remote metering and monitoring, network communications, and energy management information.Trip Units Upgrades
Digitrip RMS 510
Digitrip RMS 610
Digitrip RMS 810
Digitrip RMS 910
OPTIM 1050